Satellite Services

Perth Electrical can supply and install dishes for SKY or FREESAT satellite systems,Have other Satellite installers been unable to carry out your installation for one reason or another? Have you heard “it’s not possible” or “you are in a bad signal area” ?We are specialists at non-standard installations, i.e. working at height, bad signal areas, Hiding the cables and fitting dishes where practical out of sight.Satellite systems can be supplied by Perth Electrical. Installation will be by one of our registered and licensed digital satellite installers.As well as our standard satellite dish installation service we specialise in providing discrete and bespoke satellite dish installations: chimney, flat roof, or even down the bottom of your garden, using all the latest equipment we can even supply and install fibre-optic satellite systems to provide a fantastic choice of TV for those in the worst signal areas.Multiroom and satellite distribution systems planned, supplied and installed. Please call today for all your Satellite Requirments !