Gutter clearing Perth ?

An early lady poped into our shop the other week clutching one of our business cards, She said “I see your cards say no job too small”, in reply we said that’s correct what do you need done? She went on to say we were out doing a job for one of her neighbours and she saw that we can work at height as our vans have big ladders on them and she was wondering if we could clean her guttering out as there was a build-up of leaves and dirt, a little puzzled we replied well I suppose we could. The customer in question had been trying for some time to get someone to do this job but nobody seemed to want this work. So this got us thinking about providing this service. All our operatives are trained to work at height with ladders in a safe manner and we have all the correct equipment, we even have a 17 meter Cherry Picker to get us up to all the hard to reach guttering so there you go. If you want your guttering cleaned out or painted contact Perth Electrical we would be happy to do it.

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